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Check out these homeschool curriculum reviews to learn more about the different homeschool curriculum options and see what others have to say about them. Some popular homeschool curriculum reviews include Bob Jones curriculum, Oak Meadow curriculum, Sonlight curriculum, and many others. Read these reviews to choose the best homeschool curriculum for your homeschool.

The Grace Academy Review

The Grace Academy uses a bible based homeschool curriculum. The Grace Academy review includes information on their homeschool philosophy, homeschool subjects, accreditation, cost, and customer The Grace Academy reviews.

Calvert School Review

Calvert School offers PK-Grade 8 curriculum and support in using it for homeschoolers. This Calvert School review includes information on Calvert School materials, the downloads they offer, and Calvert School reviews by customers.

Switched on Schoolhouse

Switched-On Schoolhouse 2009 is Alpha Omega Publications’ computer-based grade 3 – 12 Bible-based curriculum that is self-grading. This article has information Switched on Schoolhouse, the downloads they offer, and reviews by customers

Zion Academy Review

Zion Academy is a Christian based homeschool, or distance learning school. This Zion Academy review includes information on Zion Academy’s curriculum, philosophy, subjects, and more. Keep reading for more on our review of Zion Academy.

A Beka Book Review

A Beka Book offers a “complete” curriculum for children of nursery school age through high school, all from a Christian perspective. This A Beka Book review has information on A Beka’s philosophy, curriculum, accreditation, reviews by customers, and more.

Jubilee Academy Review

Jubliee Academy is a PreK-12 Christian based homeschool curriculum provider. This Jubilee Academy review contains information on Jubilee Academy’s philosophy, subjects, accreditation, and more. Keep reading for pros and cons of Jubilee Academy

Sonlight Curriculum Review

This article contains a Sonlight curriculum review, including warranties, subjects, qualifications, accreditation and more. Sonlight provides a Christian based homeschool curriculum for K-12. Keep reading for more on our Sonlight curriculum review.

Oak Meadow Review

Oak Meadow offers a complete curriculum for preschool through high school, from a Christian perspective and a distance learning program.This Oak Meadow review has information on Oak Meadows philosophy, subjects, curriculum, accreditation, and cost.

Bob Jones Review

Bob Jones University has textbooks, distance learning opportunities, and an academy of home education. This Bob Jones review has information on Bob Jones University and their homeschool philosophy, subjects, accreditation and more.