CategoryHomeschooling Subjects

Get ideas and information about different homeschool subjects to help organize your homeschool and create lesson plans. The Intro to Homeschool Subjects article is a good place to start. Then check out some articles on everything from psychology and history to physical education and bible school. Decide which homeschool subjects you will teach this year.

Homeschool Reading

Having a good reading curriculum is important to your homeschool. This article has information on the National Standards for homeschool reading, tips on how to teach homeschool reading, and hints on where to get supplies for homeschool reading.

Homeschool Geography

This article has information on the national standards and homeschool geography, references for homeschool geography, supplies for homeschool geography, projects for homeschool geography, web resources and field trip ideas for homeschool geography.

Homeschool Electives

This Homeschool Electives article discusses what courses you might want to consider using in your homeschool. The article also gives some great ideas for each of the electives subjects that you may choose to use as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool History

Homeschool History is an important part of any homeschool curriculum. This article gives some great references, supplies and tools you may need, project ideas, as well as web resources and field trip ideas for your homeschool history class.

Homeschool Bible Study

Homeschool Bible Study may be a very important part of your homeschool curriculum. This article looks at the purpose of homeschool Bible study, references and resources for homeschool Bible study, and projects and activity ideas from the Bible.

Homeschool Foreign Language

Homeschool Foreign Language is a challenging subject to undertake, but learning a language is a huge accomplishment. Learn about National Standards, supplies, projects, web resources, and field trip ideas for your homeschool foreign language class.

Homeschool Economics

Homeschool Economics is an important subject area, but not one that a lot of people are comfortable teaching. This article gives some great guidelines for home school economics, as well as great resources and references for more useful economic info.

Homeschool Art

Homeschool Art can be a tough subject to approach. Most of us haven’t had a lot of formal art training. This article looks at National Standards for Homeschool Art and also gives a lot of resources, supply ideas, project and field trip ideas for the arts.

Homeschool Science

Get ideas for Science in Homeschooling. Learn about The National Standards and Homeschool Art, References for Homeschool Science, ideas on Supplies and Tools for Homeschool Science, Projects and Web Resources for Homeschool Science and Field Trip ideas.

Homeschool English

English is a critical part of homeschooling curriculum. This article discusses the National Standards in Homeschool English, gives resources, supplies, and tools for Homeschool English and has great project and field trip ideas for your Homeschool.