CategoryTypes of Homeschools

There are many types of homeschools. In this category we look at some of the most popular types of homeschools including religious, secular, and military homeschools. Whether you are interested in homeschools online, Christian Homeschooling, or other types of homeschools you’ll find information here.

Homeschooling Online

Homeschooling online can mean many different things. Read this article to gain some insight into the variety of different meanings that online homeschooling may have. Also, information on homeschooling online resources and online homeschool support.

Homeschool Associations

The term homeschool association refers to a number of quite different organizations. All homeschool organizations are groups either composed of homeschools, created to serve homeschoolers, or both. Keep reading for more on homeschool organizations.

Christian Homeschool

Christian homeschool can be difficult to define. This article has information on different sects of Christianity and many different types of Christian homeschools. Keep reading for more information on Christian homeschool and elements of a Christian homeschool.

UK Homeschool

The UK homeschool system is often referred to as home education. UK homeschool laws are different. This article has information on how UK Homeschool compares to homeschool in the United States, including differences in UK homeschool statistics.

LDS Homeschool

Why have an LDS homeschool? What are some challenges for LDS homeschool? Where do you find curriculum for LDS homeschool? This article contains information and resources on all of these LDS homeschool questions, and more.

Catholic Homeschool

Catholic homeschools vary from a Catholic home that uses standard curriculum but may include scripture and prayer, or a Catholic homeschool that uses specific Catholic homeschool curriculum. Keep reading for more information on Catholic homeschool.

Secular Homeschool

What is a secular homeschool and how does it differ from other homeschools? This article will introduce you to some background on the secular homeschool. Keep reading for differences between secular homeschooling and religious homeschooling.

Homeschool Military

Home school for military families is much the same as any other. Check out the DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) for information and homeschooling ideas. Learn about homeschooling laws and where you can get support inside or out of the U.S.