CategoryHomeschooling Resources

Find the best homeschooling resources for homeschool supplies, teaching methods, co-ops, activities, field trips, socialization, and more. Homeschooling resources provide the necessary tools for a successful homeschool program.

Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool field trips can be very inexpensive and simple or very elaborate. This article has information on the purposes of homeschool field trips, ideas for homeschool field trips by subject, and tips on making your homeschool field trips a success.

Homeschool Worksheets

Homeschool worksheets can be helpful but not always the best solution. This article has information types of homeschool worksheets, the role of homeschool worksheets in a curriculum, and tips on selecting homeschool worksheets

Homeschool Activities

This article has great information and tips on all kinds of homeschool activities such as; homeschool activities in language arts, homeschool activities in math, homeschool activities in science, homeschool activities in art, and more.

Homeschool Socialization

Homeschooling does not offer the same opportunities for socialization that public schools do. The inadequacy of homeschool socialization is a frequent topic among those who criticize homeschooling. Keep reading for tips on homeschool socialization.

Homeschool Co-op

A homeschool co-op, or cooperative homeschool can mean different things in different situations. This article explores homeschool co-ops, what they can be, the benefits and opportunities that homeschool co-op provides, and how homeschool co-ops work.

Homeschool Teaching Methods

There are several homeschool teaching methods. They include parental homeschool teaching, multi-family homeschool teaching, cooperative homeschool teaching, distance homeschool teaching, & combo of homeschool teaching methods.

Homeschool Standards

Homeschool Standards: Standards and homeschools have intersections in some areas and not in others. The two areas that come up most often are teaching and homeschool testing. Find out more information on homeschool standards in this article.

Teaching Skills

Teaching skills, teaching knowledge, and teaching strategies are three of the key elements of homeschooling. This article places teaching skills in context and explains what it entails. Keep reading for great tips on homeschool teaching skills.

Homeschool Supplies

Get ahead of the curve by getting your homeschool supplies early. There are so many things to think of when preparing to start your homeschool. Read this article for great ideas on what homeschool supplies you will need to make your homeschool a success.

Homeschool Laws

Homeschool laws vary by state. This article has information on qualifications, informing the state, homeschool curriculum and assessment, attendance requirements, and homeschool record keeping. Keep reading for more on homeschool laws.