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Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool field trips can be very inexpensive and simple or very elaborate. This article has information on the purposes of homeschool field trips, ideas for homeschool field trips by subject, and tips on making your homeschool field trips a success.

Homeschool Activities

This article has great information and tips on all kinds of homeschool activities such as; homeschool activities in language arts, homeschool activities in math, homeschool activities in science, homeschool activities in art, and more.

Homeschool Basketball

When it comes to homeschooling, socialization can be an issue. Many homeschoolers will make a point of enrolling their children in extra curricular activities in

Homeschool Halloween

When different holidays come around your children may ask you what you are doing for Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving. The kids probably talk to

Fall Homeschool Activities

It’s fall and we are all excited that the weather is cooling off and we have the chance to enjoy the outdoors for a while