Oak Meadow Curriculum Review

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Bob Jones Homeschool Review

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Homeschool Lesson Plan Templates

Homeschool lesson plan templates are not very easy to find, mainly because a homeschool lesson plan tends to be very individualized for the particular family

Homeschool Software

Homeschool software can include a number of things to help keep your homeschool organized. From lesson plans and assignment sheets to progress reports and transcripts,

New Study Shows Homeschool Rules!

A recent Canadian study, published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, shows homeschool students perform better in the core academics of math and reading.

Back to School Homeschool

Back to school for homeschool is different than what many think of when they think back to school. Because homeschools have unique routines and schedules,

Summer Homeschool Programs

What Are Summer Homeschool Programs?Since the states (which license and approve home schools) do not require summer school, a homeschool summer school can serve any

Secular Homeschool

What is a secular homeschool and how is it different from any other homeschool? It is often thought that the main reason people choose to