Bob Jones Homeschool Review

If you are looking for a homeschool curriculum for your children, you might want to continue reading our Bob Jones homeschool review to find out if this type of homeschool curriculum fits what you plan to teach your children. In our Bob Jones homeschool review, we will cover the basics of the Bob Jones curriculum to help you determine if your current homeschool system would work well with the Bob Jones homeschool program.

Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum:
As part of the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum, parents have the opportunity to choose a detailed homeschool curriculum through the Bob Jones textbook series or through the Bob Jones Homesat (home satellite) distance education program. Either way, or through a combination of both learning structures, parents have the opportunity to use biblical and academic oriented methods of learning. The idea behind the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum is to offer homeschool tools for children ages K-12. This is a great way for parents to follow this entire method of homeschool learning from start to finish. Bob Jones homeschool reviews from across the web praise the BJ curriculum as a great option for parents to find an organized and systematic way to cover all of the material that must be taught as students progress throughout school from a biblical and academic stand point.

Many parents that are looking for a way to include the religious aspect of learning in with the academic have found success in using the Bob Jones homeschool program. There are a couple of different ways you can go about using the Bob Jones Textbook curriculum or the homesat program. You can do a combination of the two or you can simply choose one or the other, according to what will fit your needs best as a homeschooling parent.

Bob Jones Textbook Curriculum:
The Bob Jones Textbook program focuses more on parents that plan to play the most active role as the educator. These are organized and prepared for parents that plan to stay on a structured schedule of learning for their children. The textbook also provides parents with a great opportunity to teach their children on the level of learning in which they are comfortable. It works well with parents that might have a different or non-traditional learning schedule, but still provides them with a great opportunity to continue teaching and learning at their own pace.

Parents can follow the structure of the textbook curriculum at home and can even use the Bob Jones program in conjunction with other homeschooling curriculum and programs if they choose to do so.

Bob Jones Homesat Program:
Alternatively, the homesat program works in a different manner, but has received tons of praise from parents and students of the program. The Bob Jones homesat program works more like a visual practice by integrating lessons via live satellite from teachers at the Bob Jones school campus. This is a great opportunity for parents that are looking for the homeschool experience but are not looking to provide 100 percent of the educating. This is a great way to mix and integrate other types of learning in with your child’s homeschool education. The biggest thing to consider about this Bob Jones Homeschool review is the fact that not only does Bob Jones offer a variety of ways to help you develop an easy-to-use and follow homeschool teaching method that will work for your children, but it is also a great system to integrate with another homeschool curriculum that you might already have in place.