Field Trip Ideas

It’s the beginning of a new school year for those that use a traditional school year as their measuring guide. That means that we set out to plan some fun extracurricular activities as well as some fun and educational field trips. Great ideas are all around us in our communities and nature but sometimes we can’t see them right in front of us!

Here will will list just a few ideas that we have come up with. We are sure that they will inspire you to come up with ideas of your own. The key thing is to get the student’s involved in the process. Kids are so creative, adventurous and exploration prone. It is good to follow their lead and let things be their idea and even let them plan and execute the field trip. This will help them with their leadership skills and improve their self esteem!


  1. State and National Parks – get out and see the splendor of nature that is around you. Many parks have programs that enable you to have a park ranger take you on tours, guided hikes and more to talk to you about a regions geography and wildlife. These jewels are priceless in our communities and highly underutilized.
  2. Historical Places – Every place has a history. Whether it’s an old stage coach stop, an old home, or any number of things we are sure your community has at least one that is formally set apart as a historical monument. If you are not sure you can always check in your local library or with your local Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Museums – Even smaller communities have museums of some sort. If not, chances are you can travel just a short distance and find one. Not only will children see artifacts and historical items, they will gain an appreciation for art or history and all while they are learning how to socially behave in such places.
  4. Fire Departments – Most fire departments expect schools to come calling for field trips.
    For homeschools we suggest getting a few families together (homeschool or not) and taking as many people as possible (like a support group). Even if you know parents who stay home during the day and have toddlers and preschoolers that could appreciate it you can get them to come with you. Or you can try to see if they will schedule a weekend or after school time where you can get a larger mixed group to go.
  5. Post Office – It can’t hurt to call your local postmaster and see what it would take to get a tour of the post office and see how it all works behind the scenes. Kids love to know these things and it helps them fill in the blanks of their minds as to how things work.

Any place that someone works is most likely fascinating to children. A career day can be a great thing for children and help them to get excited about furthering their education. If children go to a place of business where their parent works it gives the child a sense of pride as well.