Getting a Rounded Education at Home

It is estimated that more than 1 million students participate in a home based educational program. Parents choose to homeschool their kids for any number of reasons. Many of them feel they can provide a better education in the home, with fewer distractions than those that exist in traditional school. Others may choose to homeschool for religious reasons. However, homeschool does not provide some of the resources that are found in a traditional school setting. Therefore, parents may have to work harder to provide a well rounded education to their homeschooled children.

In order for an education to be considered well rounded, it must include a comprehensive study of a wide variety of subjects. In addition to the academic basics, a well rounded education exposes a child to the arts, music, culture, and foreign language. A variety of activities along with advanced materials and additional subjects will ultimately infuse a child with a great perspective that can be used while making life decisions. Not only will their intellectual growth occur, their minds will develop professionally, socially, and personally, giving them the tools they need to mature into adulthood. Well rounded homeschooled students will learn their likes and dislikes, while being able to explore many possible endeavors and careers.

When attempting to expand your child’s home school curriculum to include additional studies and activities, there are a few key factors to remember. It is important to be organized in your homeschooling efforts. Gather supplies and plan the day before it begins. This gives you ample opportunity to structure a lesson that includes an elective topic of study and related projects.

In addition, plan activities that encourage independent thinking and exposure to various cultures. Learning should not be limited to the walls of the class room. Field trips can be a powerful teaching tool for the arts, history, science, and humanity. Plus, while visiting a museum or attending a ballet, students are able to practice appropriate behavior and social skills for formal environments.

Overall, stay persistent in your efforts. Providing a rounded education for you child requires dedication and hard work. However, it helps them in becoming a well adjusted, highly educated adult.