Homeschool Clubs

Homeschool clubs are similar to homeschool co-ops but they do not serve the purpose of following curriculum. The purpose of a homeschool club is to reinforce the homeschool curriculum, provide socialization and provide extracurricular activities. Homeschool clubs have a lot of ways that they can enrich a student’s life.

Here we will discuss a few homeschool club ideas and hopefully you will be inspired to try something with fellow homeschoolers in your area. If you are not already part of a homeschool group you may want to try and get involved in one. If there is not a homeschool support group in your area you may want to start a homeschool support group.

Chess Club – Chess has been proven to help kids with math and critical thinking skills in general. It is a very low cost group that can meet in any quiet place. A great place for such a club is at your local library. The library generally has rooms for groups and events and is a place that fosters concentration. The quiet place is vital for a chess club to be successful. Kid’s will also learn that chess is a “gentleman’s game”. Meaning that they need to learn how to lose gracefully and to be mature about their manner when playing. These are great skills for self control and good sportsmanship. It is a good idea to set a minimum age for this club since you probably don’t want small children, babies or anyone with a short attention span to disrupt the concentration of the student’s who really want to learn and play. You will also want to be sure you have someone in attendance that knows the rules and regulations.

Math Club – A math club can serve the purpose of making math fun for kids. This club can also reinforce math concepts that student’s cover. Math clubs can be full of problem solving, game playing and great team work.

Writing Club – Writing clubs can be a great way for student’s to branch out creatively. They can do readings of their work in front of their peers. They can do poetry readings and memorize poems for such occasions. This is a great opportunity for children to focus on famous authors or great works and to learn of them more in depth than normal curriculum may allow.

Sports Clubs – Some homeschoolers like to get together to play organized sports among themselves. This is a great, low cost way for kids to get the opportunities that kids in other schools are given without the high pressure and competitive nature of school sports. Homeschool students can have the best of both worlds. Even if you don’t have organized sports it is good to get everyone together at a local park or picnic area and let everyone get some fresh air and exercise.