Homeschool Handwriting Curriculum Review

When you homeschool there are so many choices for each subject as far as what homeschool curriculum to use for which subject. It all depends on your child’s learning style, how much time you want to put into each subject, how much you want to spend and what works for your family overall. Here we will tell you about a few homeschool handwriting programs.

Bob Jones University: For right around $50 you get a workbook and teacher’s manual. The printing workbook is good for any grade level and for any student that needs to learn to print or revisit printing to make it more tidy. The style of printing that they teach leads write into cursive writing.
Sing, Spell, Read & Write: This program is about $225 for Level 1. Keep in mind before you die of shock that this curriculum includes four subjects. The method has shown great success. It puts reading concepts, letter sounds and more into music which helps a student remember. The student learns to read while writing the words and spelling them correctly.
The Writing Road to Reading by Spalding: This manual is about $30. You have to buy school supplies to do this program but they are minimal and will not cost much. This approach came about in 1957. It has been used by many schools and many homeschool families. The thing that sets it apart from other program is that while it focuses on proper handwriting your student also learns more about phonics than typical programs. This promotes better spelling and better reading because students are not locked into the usual phonics methods.
There are many more programs to take a look at. You may even start one and find that it is not a good fit for you or your student. It is a good idea to talk to other homeschoolers that you know about their child’s learning style and what has worked and see if you can get a feel for what may work for your student.