Homeschool Math Curriculum

There are so many great homeschool curriculum choices. Homeschoolers in this day and age have great advantages. With online learning, virtual academies, quality publishers and more, there is truly a curriculum choice to meet every need. The beauty of homeschool is that you get to either choose to go with one set of curriculum from the same place, you can build your own, you can put it together using a lot of companies and programs or you can unschool your children. The choice is yours and it enables you to do what is right for each child.

Here are a few math curriculum reviews to help you get a feel of what is out there. – This is an excellent program to give your student a head start in math. This program is meant for preschool age children and most of it has to be done with the parent. Preschoolers will be using the computer which they all think is fun and it is very interactive so it holds the child’s attention.
ShillerMath – This program brings the Montessori method to your home. This program focuses on ages 4 through 12. They offer their math in separate sets and they work with you to make sure you can afford your decision to use their program. They have online assessments to know where your child should begin using their math curriculum. – This is a 100% web based math program. When you first sign up your student will take a placement test to see where they should begin and then it starts them right at the concepts that show that the student needs improvement. The tracking for the parent is easy and user friendly. This program is for grades 3 through 12.