Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Chances are if you are interested in this post it is for one of two reasons. You either decided to build your own homeschool curriculum or you are not satisfied with the spelling curriculum in your “boxed” curriculum or whatever you chose previously. The point is we will try to help you find some great resources and hopefully give you some review information on different spelling curriculum that will be of use to you. Good luck in your quest!

The Basic Cozy Spelling Course: A free online spelling course is complete with 30 free lessons. There is a class outline, spelling rules and more. The site is very easy to navigate and would be great for any level of speller. This same company offers grammar, punctuation and essay courses. Visit to see if they have something you can use. Free is always a good thing.
Sequential Spelling: Sequential Spelling is a program based on seven levels of spelling. They do not go by grade level. It simply goes from simple words to more difficult words. This is a program used for schools as well as homeschool spelling students. Right online there is a pre-test so that you can see where your student should start out level wise. They also offer a try before you buy option which is a fantastic feature. The ordering may be a bit difficult without talking to a staff member because there are so many books and things to choose from. However, if you call we are sure you can get the help that you need. Because of how the site is laid out it is hard to tell how much a full program would cost or even one complete level. Please contact This great site offers a ton of free worksheets of every kind to help you in your journey to teach your student to spell like a champion. They have the Dolch Word List for each grade level at your fingertips. And it is FREE!!! Just visit
All About Spelling: All About Spelling is a very affordable and comprehensive spelling curriculum. Most likely the only one you will ever need. It is sold by levels and there is a starter kit. In the starter kit you get letter tiles, magnets, and a phonogram cd. Each level (packet) contains the student workbook and the teacher manual. This program takes the guess work out of spelling. Just visit them today at