Homeschool vs Charter School

When considering where to send your child for school, the one thing that is certain is that you want the best for them. Their academic development is an important investment for their future. Plus, you want them to grow and mature in a safe and productive environment. When comparing the options of homeschooling to charter school, there are advantages and disadvantage to both.

Homeschooling your children offers the main advantage of an individualized education. When you are not stuck to a pre-set schedule or curriculum, you have full flexibility to teach your child when they are most focused and offer a wider range of learning. Most parents who homeschool their kids do so because they feel it is safer than sending them to a traditional learning institute. Also, they feel it is a rewarding experience to be part of thier child’s education and enjoy getting to know them, and sharing that time together. On the other hand, homeschooling can be a full time job and requires a lot of the parents. It may mean that many types of sacrifices must take place and can make it difficult to juggle jobs, housework, and other aspects of life. Plus, some claim that the main disadvantage of homeschooling is that the child does not get the appropriate amount of interaction with other kids that is needed to develop socially.

Placing your child in a charter school is advantageous because they are still able to receive more individualized attention. Plus, students of charter schools have ample social interaction with their peers. Enrolling your child in a charter school offers them many resources in terms of tutors, mentors, and partnerships. Many of the schools have extended hours and overall, they tend to outperform those students who are in public schools. On the other hand, charter schools are independently operated. This can be a pro or con depending on who is managing the place. In addition, more than 40% of new charter school teachers flea for other jobs. This could leave some inconsistency in your child’s education. Also, your child may be exposed to certain thing that you wish to protect them from, while attending a charter school.

Before choosing between homeschool and charter school, be sure to investigate both options carefully. Look into the curriculum programs that are available for homeschooling, as well as the success rates of your local charter schools. However, it is important to remember that not all kids respond to their environment the same, and what works great for one developing student might not be the perfect fit for another. Selecting an educational plan should be based on the individual needs of your child.