LDS Homeschool

LDS Homeschool is short for Latter Day Saints Homeschool.  LDS homeschoolers are typically members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormon church.  LDS members have been counselled about the physical and spiritual dangers of public schools for years.  Many LDS homeschoolers feel their children may be better protected from the evils of the world, and wish to give their children a more spiritual schooling experience, by homeschooling them. 

LDS homeschooling is not without it’s challenges.  Choosing a homeschool support group can be challenging on it’s own, but it can sometimes be even more difficult to find an LDS based homeschool support group.  For those living in an area with a larger population of LDS homeschoolers definitely provides for a greater chance of finding a support group. But for those who do not live in such an area there are many other support groups available, you just need to choose a homeschool support group that fits well with your homeschool goals. 

While there are many Christian Homeschool curriculums available, and some LDS homeschoolers choose to use those curriculums.  There are also a number of LDS homeschoolers that choose to use one of the top three LDS homeschooling curriculums.  Here are some brief reviews of those programs:

  • Liahona Preparatory Academy Distance Education – A Grade 6-12 program accredited from the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS). It offers an LDS based curriculum in three categories History, Science, and Language Arts/Grammar. An annual ACT test is offered to high school students.  The courses are offered online and the students interact with other students via email, the website, and in person at annual conferences.
  • Karl G. Maeser Academy & Lifeschool Curriculum – A grade 1-8 program also accredited througgh the NAAS.  Subjects include History, Math, Language Arts/Grammar, Reading and Classic Literature, Spelling and Vocabulary, Creative Writing, Science, Social Studies and Geography, Paleography, and Art.  The curriculum claims to integrate secular and LDS Gospel-based learning. 
  • Brigham Young University Middle School and High School Courses – The Middle School courses offered are: Art, Health, Language Arts – English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science – History/Government. The High School course offerings include Accounting, Art, Business Education, Career and Technology Education, Character Education, Communications, Computer Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Financial Literacy, Foreign Languages (ASL, French, German, Japan, Latin, Russian, Spanish), Health, Humanities, Language Arts – English, Literature, Reading, Writing – Life Skills, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Biological Science, Chemistry, Earth Systems, Physics, Contemporary Issues, and History/Government. BYU online courses are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The high school program is accredited by NAAS. BYU also offers a set of NCAA-approved high school courses athletes may use to establish initial eligibility for Division I and Division II schools.