Mary Pride and Homeschooling

As a pioneer for a homeschooling movement, Mary Pride is best known for her written works that encourage home education, offers instruction on starting home based programs, and sets standards for teaching. Pride began writing on the subject of homeschooling in the 1980’s, when she realized that few guides were available. She emphasizes a strong need for providing children with an education at home, as opposed to using a traditional educational environment and encourages programs that are fun, comprehensive, simple, and cheap. Her standard of homeschooling is still widely accepted today.

A three volume book titled Mary Pride’s Big Book of Home Learning is a best seller and appreciated by numerous homeschooling families. As a homeschooling mother of 9, Pride expresses her opinions on everything from why people should homeschool to curriculum. One of her core beliefs is that public school can actually be harmful to children, contributing to early sexual activity and exposing kids to gang violence and drugs. Overall, Pride, a strong Christian woman, thinks that the school systems tip toes around major issues to protect self esteem, resulting in a confused group of youth who do not fully understand right from wrong.

Although Mary Pride has been described as being very opinionated on homeschooling issues, she always gives reasons that support her beliefs. Also, she provides scope and sequence for each subject, simplifying the learning process, with helpful and down to earth suggestions. Overall, Pride’s advise covers almost everything pertaining to homeschool and can be used as a valuable reference in a home education environment.