Online Homeschool

With the growing trends in technology it is only natural that we have come to have online education. If college students can do online courses why can’t homeschool students do their course work online? They can! It may not be for everyone but it is an option and there are plenty of avenues to check into before you decide on what program to go through. – K12 is a publicly funded in a lot of states. You can just purchase this curriculum or you can find out if your state has a virtual academy that your child can be involved in. K12 sends you everything you need and it all meets state standards so the guess work is over. The online interface is easy and you just mark attendance and you mark completed lessons. There is a great online community, forums and even online games and activities to supplement what they student is learning in their curriculum. In most states that this is offered standardized testing is required.
Heritage Homeschool Academy – This curriculum is offered as web based or traditional. They keep transcripts and work toward graduation. Your student will receive a diploma when they finish school. This school even offers payment plans.
Global Student Network – This is a cost effective choice for online homeschooling. The cost is $625 per student, per year. Some online schools cost at least twice this much. A school year on this curriculum is one full year, 12 months. This gives the student the chance to complete more work. With this curriculum you are limited to one grade level in a year, you just progress at your own rate. If you have multiple children to enroll you can get a discount.
The Jubilee Academy – This is a homeschool program that is accredited and can offer curriculum for preschool through 12th grade. The cost is $895 per year, per student. They do offer different payment plan options. They have placement assessments to help you decide on where to start your child with their curriculum. They also offer summer school programs.