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Homeschool Laws

Homeschool laws vary by state. This article has information on qualifications, informing the state, homeschool curriculum and assessment, attendance requirements, and homeschool record keeping. Keep reading for more on homeschool laws.

How to Find State Homeschool Laws

When deciding to homeschool your children you must follow the homeschool laws of the State in which you reside.  Homeschool laws vary from state-to-state, so

New Hampshire Homeschool Laws

This week the Homeschool Legal Defense Association put out a report that gives hope to those homeschooling families in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is notorious

Understanding Unschooling

Unschooling defined by dictionary.com is ” home-school education with the child taking the primary responsibility instead of a parent or teacher”. Not every parent who

New to Homeschooling

So you have decided to homeschool your children. Here we will discuss some great tips and ideas for anyone new to homeschooling. Your first order