New Hampshire Homeschool Laws

This week the Homeschool Legal Defense Association put out a report that gives hope to those homeschooling families in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is notorious for making the guidelines for homeschoolers more strict that most states. This year two bills were being presented that would make the restrictions even tougher on homeschool families. However the New Hampshire House Education Committee made sure this didn’t happen this year. This is a great sign of hope for homeschooling families.

The HSLDA claims that this progress is being made because of “grass roots” efforts made by homeschooling families. They urge families to continue to take a stand on issues because their voices are obviously being heard.
Right now the homeschool laws in New Hampshire not only require a family to report their intention to homeschool but they have to do state testing. The HSLDA points out that there has never been data to support any link between performance and test score accountability. They also point out that time and time again homeschoolers out perform and out score their public school and private school peers.
Most states do not have the restrictions that New Hampshire does so it is hard to imagine the reasoning behind wanting to pass more laws and restrictions. It is a sign of progress that the bills that were up this week did not get through. This is a promising event for the homeschool families of New Hampshire. Now they can strictly focus on education instead of politics.