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Teaching Skills

Teaching skills, teaching knowledge, and teaching strategies are three of the key elements of homeschooling. This article places teaching skills in context and explains what it entails. Keep reading for great tips on homeschool teaching skills.

Homeschool Supplies

Get ahead of the curve by getting your homeschool supplies early. There are so many things to think of when preparing to start your homeschool. Read this article for great ideas on what homeschool supplies you will need to make your homeschool a success.

Homeschool Laws

Homeschool laws vary by state. This article has information on qualifications, informing the state, homeschool curriculum and assessment, attendance requirements, and homeschool record keeping. Keep reading for more on homeschool laws.

Homeschool Basketball

When it comes to homeschooling, socialization can be an issue. Many homeschoolers will make a point of enrolling their children in extra curricular activities in

Free Homeschool Resources

There are many free homeschool resources. Homeschooling does not have to cost you and your family a fortune. There will always be those companies out