Homeschool Conference From Home – Ultimate Homeschooling Expo

Attending homeschool conferences in the past has been very costly, limiting the amount of homeschoolers that could take advantage of the opportunities to keep up on current homeschool curriculum’s, events, techniques, ideas etc…You used to have to purchase airline tickets, rental cars, hotels, meals, and take time away in order to attend these conferences. 

But in recent years, with the help of new technology, these things have changed.  Now you can attend a homeschool conference in the comfort of your own home, and for very little cost.  Virtual technology allows you to “attend” (or view later) all the great workshops. 

This year the Ultimate Homeschooling Expo Fall will be held from November 11- 12 – 13, 2010. The theme this year is “Keeping Christ in the Midst of the Holiday Celebrations”.  However, this conference is for all types of homeschools, not just Christian homeschools. Prior to the start of the conference you may participate in Preview Chats daily on Tuesday evenings at 7 and 9pm and Thursday at 10, 12, 2, and 4pm EST up until Expo weekend begins. “Tickets” to this seminar are available on the Ultimate Homeschooling Expo website, the cost is ONLY $19.97 for the entire 3 days of seminars. This is really a great price considering they have over 30+ speakers, and lots more. These are just a few of the added perks of attending a Homeschool conference from your home:

  • No Crowds
  • No Makeup
  • No Parking
  • No Walking
  • No Airline Tickets
  • No Hotel Stays
  • No Babysitters

AND you do NOT have to be present to attend!  These homeschool resources are available at your convenience. There will be live feeds of the conference, but if the schedule doesn’t work for you then you can save them to your computer or other media device and watch them when you are ready.  Because they do not want you to miss out on the whole conference experience, they have figured out ways to still offer you door prizes, grab bags, freebies, audio books, and more.

We are excited to see the homeschooling communities coming together and creating ways to share their knowledge and creativity, in ways that make it affordable and fun for homeschoolers nationwide. Conferences, webinars, seminars, support groups, etc…are all great ways to stay abreast with all things homeschool, and to refresh your energy with new ideas you can implement into your homeschool.  If this conference does not seem to be a good fit for your homeschool, then we encourage you to seek out ones that are.