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Most of us have a Facebook account, Twitter account or both. These are great sites for keeping up with family and friends, but they are also a great way to get other useful information and updates. recently joined both sites and would like to invite you to become a fan or follower and join in the discussions about everything education related. We will be doing daily updates on what is new at EducationBug, as well as discussing other education topics in the news or whatever our fans and followers want to talk about.

This is a great way for you to let us know what you like, don’t like, how you feel about certain education topics or any great ideas or comments that you would like to discuss or share with others that are interested in quality education, learning disabilities, homeschooling, or any other relevant topic. On Facebook you can start a new discussion topic or just add your thoughts and comments to what other people are already discussing. The more parents, teachers, and administrators we can connect the more useful the information will be. So tell your friends and get them involved!

Twitter is a great way for us to get out quick updates about what is new on our site. We will also do occasional updates about discussions that are happening on Facebook or results of polls and surveys that you participate in at We all know that education isn’t just about math and science. Education involves a whole world of teen issues, child behaviors, and other tips and tricks to help parents and adolescents achieve success. Join in today!