Summer Homeschool Programs

What Are Summer Homeschool Programs?Since the states (which license and approve home schools) do not require summer school, a homeschool summer school can serve any

Homeschool Classifieds

If you are looking for homeschool supplies, curriculum, materials etc…you may wish to take a look at homeschool classifieds. Many homeschoolers are turning to homeschool

Game Classroom Review

Game Classroom was created with the homeschooler in mind. Game Classroom features a variety of math and language arts games for kids from kindergarten to

Homeschool Science Curriculum

Parents who homeschool their children often express anxiety about teaching science. They worry particularly about lab science and how their students will perform experiments and

Homeschool Encouragement

As with all things that take self motivation it is crucial to have some encouragement to help you keep going. All homeschool families know that

Repeating Homeschool Coursework

In a traditional school setting if a student does not complete or pass their grade’s coursework they are told they have to repeat the coursework

Choices in Education

In years past, the choices in education were few and really the only people who could exercise a choice in education had to have quite

Homeschool in Iowa

The Iowa City School Board in Iowa is looking at a policy that if put into place would require all students to attend at least

Homeschool Early Learning

Statistics show that early learning plays a huge role in the development of our children. Not only does it do wonders for the development of