Calvert Curriculum Review

For over 100 years Calvert homeschool curriculum has been bringing education to children and families in their homes and communities. Over the years the programs have evolved to be state of the art. In the past few years Calvert has made great strides and added a technology course, online interface for students, online information sessions and more.

Calvert is accredited and recognized by many educational standards. The education a child receives through Calvert is top of the line. The new website they have has many great homeschool resources, ways to network with other homeschoolers, an online parent/school community and more.

Calvert curriculum is an integrated classical education. This method is tried and true. Calvert knows because it has been using this method in it’s Day School for years. The curriculum is for pre-k to 8th grade students. It is based on reading, writing and mathematics and then enriched by science, history, art, geography, music and more. This gives a child everything they could need to succeed. They will have a firm foundation in core subjects but also have the exposure and knowledge of the other subjects.

While the cost of Calvert curriculum varies depending on the grade and the programs you opt for the cost could be safely estimated at between $700 to $1100 per year, per child.

You get what you pay for. Calvert offers teacher support which you will love. Visit them today for more information at