Homeschool Challenges

Here we will discuss just a few of the challenges that can come up in homeshooling and how you may be able to deal with them if you experience the same situations.

What to do in time of family crisis? If you are a homeschooling family that goes by a traditional school year you may want to consider starting ahead of schedule and working a little later in the year or taking shorter breaks for Christmas than children in other schools. If you just plan on being ahead of schedule all of the time then when unexpected occasions arrive you are prepared.

What can you do about nosey neighbors or other nosey citizens? You can joining the HSLDA (the Homeschool Legal Defense Association) and when you pay your yearly fees they will help you know what your rights are. However, it is usually not necessary to pay for such memberships if you are truly doing right by your child and abiding the laws in your area. Just make sure that your children really are getting the education that they need. Make sure that you have also filled out any compulsory attendance forms that your state requires so that they know your child is not truant. Many states require you to state you intent to homeschool. Just cover your bases and feel confident that you are doing what is right.

How can I meet the needs of my gifted child when homeschooling? Gifted children do not always need more work or to progress in a faster manner. Often they need a lot of discussion and the opportunity to think about events and facts in more depth than is presented in a typical lesson. Ask as many questions as possible that evoke deeper and more critical thinking. This will keep your gifted child satisfied in most cases.

These are just a few of the challenges that you may encounter as a homeschool parent. As with most challenges in life if you are prepared and patient things will work themselves out. Just make sure you access as many resources and homeschool support sources as possible.