Civics Curriculum

What does civics curriculum cover? Civics takes in a vast array of skills and knowledge. First being communication skills. All students need to learn how to communicate their thoughts, opinions and feelings about a variety of issues. This leads into another category of civics and that is a knowledge of political systems. Not only do students need this knowledge but they need the ability to think critically about our political systems (what works, what doesn’t and how do you fix the things that don’t).

There are debates on whether or not civics education is necessary but studies show that students that have had lessons on civics do have a better grasp about the government and politics. This can’t be helped. 18 year old students can vote but have we ever stopped to wonder if they really understand the process and more importantly understand the issues at hand and the consequences of their votes.
There are a number of things that can be done with students to help them with civics knowledge. You can hold mock elections, mock votes, and more. This can really be a fun curriculum to build and for homeschool families it can encompass the whole family unit.