Connections Academy Review

Connections Academy is a fast growing free public school that students can do from the comfort of home or wherever they happen to be. The program that they have in place works because of heavy parental involvement, educational expertise, accountability from all involved, and most of all it provides the flexible learning environment that so many student’s and families need.

This program uses a “Learning Coach”. This is typically the homeschool parent but it could be a tutor, guardian or anyone that has been assigned the task of being the primary educator of the student. No matter who is in charge of the actual “schooling”, the legal guardian is ultimately responsible according to most states. Most states also insist that when a student is involved in a publicly funded school they report attendance and lessons. They may also be told to participate in standardized testing.
One of the best features of the Connections Academy is that a teacher is assigned to work directly with the Learning Coach and the student to provide individualized instruction. They understand that all students are different and don’t progress at the same rate across the board. They will help you come up with a plan to meet the needs of your student’s skills and problem areas.
Every school year Connections Academy sends out homeschool curriculum that includes printed texts, lesson plans, workbooks , a computer, printer and an Internet subsidy. They even include field trips and other activities to make your homeschool experience the best one possible.