Homeschool Co-op Ideas

Homeschool co-ops can be a great blessing to all homeschoolers. Both students and parents benefit from homeschool co-ops.

People join homeschool co-ops for a variety of reasons. Some homeschool parents just need a break but need for the students to still get some learning time out of the experience. Others join to share special knowledge or talents that they may have. Still other will join strictly for the social aspect.
Some of the benefits that can come from being part of a homeschool co-op are:
  • Relief from teaching one or more topics. For example, if you don’t like teaching music but you have a fellow parent in your group that is a musician they may be willing to do that part of things once a week. Especially if you take on something like science. This works extremely well if you are on the same homeschool curriculum but it is possible even if you aren’t.
  • Kids get to play with other kids and the adults get to have adult interactions. If you are new to homeschooling you will find that this is priceless time!
  • Great opportunities for collaborative learning and cooperative learning.
  • This is a wonderful time for kids to play organized sports together.
  • Creates an opportunity for performances, recitals, poetry readings and more.
Parents that homeschool love the shared teaching opportunity but you also get to share equipment. If one family has a microscope, all of the kids can benefit from this. If you have tambourines or drums then others can benefit from your belongings.
Along with sharing teaching and resources you will probably enjoy shared goals, ideals and possibly even religious beliefs. This is good for everyone. Even when there are differences everyone benefits from finding common ground and respect for what the others do and believe.