Homeschoolers and the H1N1 Vaccine

In the state of Delaware there is a growing concern for homeschool families that their children are not receiving the same health care as those in public schools. Across the state in elementary schools the H1N1 vaccine is being given to students. Homeschool families are stating that they feel left out! One student in the Indian River School District was actually denied the vaccine at the public school because he is not enrolled. This student’s father declared that every student, no matter where they are schooled, should be entitled to the vaccine. The school district is standing by their decision saying that they have no choice because of what the state has mandated.

Oddly enough on Monday the Delaware Division of Public Health claimed that homeschoolers are not even on the list to receive the vaccination. They are starting with public school and then doing private school. Even though each district has homeschoolers, they are not even considered in this. The Division of Public Health claims the homeschool students need to get the vaccine from their regular physician or a public health clinic.
The parents of the student that was denied the vaccine make a good point. They claim that while society views homeschoolers as not as at risk for things because they are not as social, this just isn’t the case. They play in the neighborhoods with the public school and private school children. They go to churches and community events with the same children and therefore are at the same risk of catching and/or spreading such a virus.
The families of the approximately 2,500 homeschooled children in Delaware in general do not want to advocate the vaccine but they do say they wish they had the option and would have at least been taken into consideration just as other education methods had been.