Homeschool History Curriculum

Many people have serious issues about how history is presented to their children. There are those, for example, that love the story of Thanksgiving that most of us grew up with. Then there is the group of people that want to strip it down and just give the facts. To each his own. There is something for everyone out there in the homeschool curriculum world. History is no different, you have many choices.

Drive Thru History America – This is a fun program for kids. Do away with the boring texts of years past. This curriculum comes with 9 DVD’s and a CD-rom. Learning history has never been so captivating or so affordable. The Early American History program is a great value at $49.99 and that’s the whole homeschool curriculum kit.
Sonlight Christian Based History/Georgraphy – Sonlight manages to cover all the bases including Christian based beliefs and biographies of people who were doing the will of God in history. Sonlight focuses a lot on biographies because they believe that for the student it makes history “come alive”. It also allows a student to have heroes and to learn of attributes of great leaders, innovators and those that have shaped our world as we know it. This is in hopes that the students will value the characteristics that some of our past fellowmen had. Packages for each grade are right around $100. Visit to learn more about their great style of history.
AlphaOmega Publishers LifePac History/Geography – This is a Bible based history curriculum that encompasses six major areas. Those are: history, geography, government and citizenship, economics and social studies. In every portion of these books the focus is on the Bible. If you are not wanting a 100% Christian based history curriculum you may want to keep looking. However, if you are looking to instill Biblical truths in your student’s mind as you learn your core subjects then this is a great homeschooling curriculum for you!