Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

Finding the right homeschool curriculum for each and every subject for each child that you are homeschooling can be a challenge and then some. It is a rare day, if you have multiple children, that you have the exact curriculum for the needs of each particular child. If you are needing to change or choose a homeschool English curriculum we may have some useful product reviews for you.

Keep in mind that Language Arts or English are the broad terms for what is actually taught. Usually students have grammar lessons, usage lessons, lessons on the mechanics of the English language and then they have English vocabulary lessons. Just make sure that if you do not get a homeschool curriculum that covers each category that you do your homework and fill in what is needed so that your child gets a complete language arts curriculum.
Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts Curriculum – These books are used in schools, homeschools and even in the gifted and talented programs of some schools. They are demanding and interesting. They grab the student’s interest and make learning about the English language fun and yet satisfying. There is every possible part of the language arts scope covered in the books that are offered. Visit today!
Living Language by Donna Simmons – This curriculum is based somewhat on the Waldorf curriculum and the authors experience as a homeschool parent and teacher of the Waldorf curriculum. Many resources are given to the parent/instructor that will help to enrich each lesson. The book itself is 300 pages long and is comprehensive. This book runs about $100 however it is reusable so if you have more than one child you can just keep using the same curriculum for each one. Visit to learn more.
Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum – There are seven levels, each with 170 lessons. As well as the seven levels the curriculum offers poetry supplements, penmanship, an English handbook, spelling lists and a great teacher’s guide. This curriculum spans from kindergarten to 12th grade. The cost is $90 per grade or you can buy the complete program for $500 and they all come with a CD-rom. The only drawback is that every order has a $25 shipping charge. So, if you know that you are going to use this for two or three grades, it may be feasible to order them all at once. They also have packages such as K-3 for $300 instead of $90 per grade level. That’s a great savings. To learn more visit: