Homeschool Support Groups

Whether you are looking to start a homeschool support group, join a homeschool support group, or just want more information on what a homeschool support group is, read this post for more information. A homeschool support group is not unlike any other type of support group, in that it offers support from other people that are in a similar situation as the other people in the group. This can be especially helpful if you are a first time homeschooler and are looking for homeschooling pointers, homeschool ideas, and/or information on how to solve homeschooling problems that you encounter.

Joining a homeschool support group can help in more ways than just having someone to talk to about ideas and problems you face with homeschooling, it is also a great way to make friends and share materials. One issue that many people feel homeschool kids face is the lack of socialization. By joining a homeschool support group and getting to know other families in your area that also homeschool, you will have many more opportunities for your children to socialize with other children that are in a similar circumstance. It may also be fun to share in homeschool field trips and other homeschool activities together.

There are a couple of potential problems that you may want to consider before joining a homeschool support group. One, if you join a support group and are getting resources, information, and planned activities, be aware that you should return in kind. If you are not willing to offer materials, plan activities or share help and support to new members, you should not join the group. Doing so would be a drain on them and cause unkind feelings toward you and your family or homeschool members. Another thing to consider is the type of homeschoolers in the group. If you have a Christian homeschool but everyone else in the group doesn’t agree with Christian beliefs, you may have a difficult time interacting with them. This may be a time when you would consider starting your own homeschool support group..

While starting a homeschool support group may seem overwhelming and time consuming, once you get it going the rewards may outweigh the effort you had to put in initially. By starting your own group you will have more control over who participates, ensuring the people in your group are teaching similar material with a focus that is similar to yours. Starting your own homeschool support group will also give you control over how structured or casual your group is. Do you want to meet once a month for an activity, or weekly to plan lesson schedules? Do you want many families involved or a more close nit group of only 4 or 5 families so you can easily plan outings and get-togethers?

Think about what you are hoping to get from your homeschool support group before you choose a homeschool support group to join. Once you know what you want, look and ask around in your area to see what is available. If you don’t find a homeschool support group that fits your needs, you may want to consider starting your own to make sure you get exactly what you need.