Homeschool While Traveling

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is that you don’t have limits on when or where you take your kids. You can travel anywhere and enjoy the world year round instead of just during the three summer months that you get with traditional school years.

Some homeschool families use travels to coincide with their usual homeschool curriculum. They offer their children chances to go places, meet people, have great experiences, see historical places and monuments and literally have a hands on education. What better way to learn?
Here are just a few things you will want to remember when traveling while homeschooling:
  • Use every attraction and stop as a teaching tool. If you have wi-fi Internet you can do some research about any place that you stop. You can visit local Chamber of Commerce centers or Visitor Centers.
  • Go to as many historical places as possible. Most are free and the educational value is priceless!
  • Stay organized. Whether you are in the car, an RV or whatever, being organized is a better learning environment no matter what. Keep things in the same place so that your student knows exactly where to find their supplies.
  • Ask questions. No matter where you are ask your child what they think about it, what they know, what they have learned, what they will most likely remember.
  • Give the map to the kids. Let them navigate. There is no better way to learn map reading skills and the basics of geography than by letting the students have the hands on experience.
Have fun. Above all else, enjoy being together and savoring this time with your children.