Jubilee Academy Review

The Jubilee Academy is an accredited homeschool program for pre-K to 12th grade. Jubilee is a Christian based curriculum. The focus is on having a partnership between school, parent and child. Not only do they have curriculum for the general public but they cater to special needs and gifted students.

Jubilee Academy grasps that all children progress at different rates. They have the ability to allow students to go at their own pace and not be pressured by being at a certain grade level just because your age aligns with what other schools deem appropriate grade wise. This is a great thing for struggling students as well as the gifted student who may have the ability to work ahead and enter college early.

While Jubilee Academy is Christian based curriculum and does believe in teaching “God’s plan” while instructing in core subjects, they are also a good education choice for anyone. You can take or leave what you don’t want as far as the religious views and ideals.

The curriculum is great and is sure to meet all of your state standards. The Academy does placement tests to measure where you child may need to start. This is part of the idea that all children progress differently. If your 10 year old is ready for 9th grade, then that is fine at this school, the student will get what they need according to their ability.

Basic tuition is about $895.00 per student per year. This is an ENTIRE year. Not limited to the few months that school elsewhere is in session. The Jubilee Academy understands that homeschool families enjoy year round learning and learning at their own pace. Being given a full year is a great option. There are other fees like registration so be sure to make sure you know what those are before signing up.

In conclusion, this is a great school with wonderful curriculum and great support. If you are interested in Jubilee Academy just visit thejubileeacademy.org.