Sonlight Curriculum Review

Sonlight curriculum is a Christian based homeschool curriculum that is literature based. You have the option of ordering a full set of curriculum package or individual resources as you see fit. You can mix and match what you need to suit your student’s needs. Based in Colorado, Sonlight is now used in 150 countries!

Sonlight believes that the world is here for student’s to explore, discover and enjoy. This is the philosophy behind the whole curriculum and Sonlight believes that if you convert to this way of thinking you will see the educational value in every single thing you and your children do.

Being literature based, the Sonlight curriculum gives student’s wonderful books that are filled with knowledge and wisdom to guide them. They do not use standard texts that tend to bore students. Not all of the literature is written by Christian authors but Sonlight recognizes the worth in the books regardless of the author.

You will receive an instructor’s guide that will lead you through your reading assignments and cross reference your subjects so that everything is tied together. Sonlight believes that once you have a student interested in a book they love the learning process and they love to read at the same time.

There are set lessons and schedules but the Sonlight curriculum helps you find the teaching moments in the everyday activities. This is very useful to parents and takes all the guess work out of homeschooling. The curriculum is Christian based with a focus on missionary work. The curriculum teaches children to respect other’s views of the world in spite of different belief systems.

Sonlight promotes the “natural learning” style or learning through discovery. This method leaves the child to discover and analyze things with some guidance but the guidance is given in hopes to help the student in the path of discovery and problem solving.

All in all, Sonlight offers a thorough and unique curriculum. Parents who want general Christian values taught while instilling traditional education will love this curriculum. The Sonlight curriculum developers have tried to make the curriculum as engaging and enjoyable for the whole family as possible.