Preschool Activities

Preschool is an exciting time for all children age 3-5. Whether the child attends a formal preschool or does preschool activities at home (homeschool preschool) the child soaks the information up like a sponge and they love to be “doing”. Here we will discuss just a few thoughts on things you can do at home with your preschooler to keep them excited about learning. Their excitement and curiosity can be contagious if you just take the time to enjoy this age.

Children do not need fancy equipment or toys to be completely thrilled. Just everyday activities done together are a big deal for a preschool age child. You can make each moment special by talking to them, letting them do what they can to help and praising them for the little successes achieved each day. Just remember that everyday events and objects are educational.
  • Use paper lunch sacks to make hand puppets. Color them, cut and paste shapes to go on them or use cotton balls.
  • Read to your child everyday. Nothing increases their language skills like reading out loud and there is really not a better bonding opportunity.
  • Cover furniture with quilts and sheets to make caves and forts.
  • Have a tea party with pretend guests, pretend food and so on.
  • Make your own marching band using household items for instruments. Kitchen pots and pans make ideal things. Don’t just watch, get in and join!
  • Make your own memory game by drawing pictures, numbers or letters on index cards.
  • Make a train out of boxes! Kids love this one (even the older ones).
  • Take old magazines and let the child cut out letters or other objects that you agree to find.
  • Pretend to talk on the phone. This is a great game because at this age children are learning social behaviors from those around them. It is amazing what skills they pick up from such simple games.
These are just a few of the things you can do with your child that will cost little or no money at all. Most don’t even take much time. Preschoolers are busy and like to be doing something most of the time. Some are more self entertaining than others but this is a great time for learning so take advantage of it. Most preschoolers don’t really need a formal curriculum but if someone takes the time to have a few of these activities or others on hand and ready to go it will make the preschooler happy and the rest of the family less stressed out.