Homeschool Students and Divorce

Statistics show that most homeschool families fit the mold of a two parent family. While this is ideal for children if the union is a good one, there are cases where the marriage ends and the children feel their world shatter for a while. In the midst of such a situation what happens to the education of the child? Should one parent get more say in what type of education the child receives?

Before public school started in New Hampshire this fall Judge Lucinda V. Sadler made a ruling that sent a 10 year old girl to school full time despite the fact that she had been homeschooled for the previous years. The academics of the girl were not in question, her test scores are just fine. She was not in harms way and she was not being neglected.

The mother and father of this girl have been divorced since she was extremely young. They jointly agreed that the girl would be homeschooled but recently the father decided that the girl should go to public school. The mother had been the homeschool instructor and to help with socialization she had enrolled her daughter in various activities in both school functions, community and church.

After hearing the case the judge ruled that the girl should go to school. The basis of this was that she needed to be exposed to other beliefs and ideas than her mother’s.

One homeschool parent who is also a former school educator raises the point that this is a bit inconsistent. We are told in our country to leave religion out of the schools and we have the right to homeschool. However, this girl’s homeschool curriculum included Bible study everyday. It is odd that the judge wants her to be exposed to other “world views” but public school students are allowed Bible study which is a “world view”. You be the judge on this case? Do you think that a parent has the right to negate what another parent does to this extent and do you think that a judge can order what is right for one child even when it is not consistent with what our laws say should happen in public schools?

*Please note that does not take an official stand on this case. This post is strictly meant to be informative and thought provoking.