Why Homeschool?

The reason why homeschooling may be right for you are:

  • Religious beliefs. Parents want to implement their beliefs in the everyday education of the student.
  • Avoiding negative social experiences. While many people worry about the socialization of the homeschool student, the parents that choose to homeschool worry about the aspect of socialization that kids come in contact with while in public schools and often private schools as well.
  • Learning disabilities. Often a child slips between the cracks at school. Learning disabilities often go unnoticed and the child is often just seen as a discipline problem. This happens because the child cannot grasp the concepts being taught and so they disengage in the learning process and often become the “talker” or the “class clown”. These children are often a distraction to others but it is not because they are “bad” children.
  • Learning without limits. Our school systems curriculum put children into categories for learning that may work for the general public but education is a very individual thing. When a parent homeschools they have the luxury of allowing the child to move forward as quickly as necessary in subjects while taking extra time to help the student assimilate other knowledge. So you can have a student who is nine years old but studying 8th grade history, 5th grade math and perhaps 2nd or 3rd grade writing skills. In the end the homeschool parent can help this child succeed in all subjects because they are not worried about moving a whole classroom of students through curriculum at a required speed.

This does not cover all of the reasons that parents homeschool. Many homeschool parents make this decision for a number of reasons. A good way to decide if homeschooling is right for you is to make a list of the pros and cons of homeschooling and then the pros and cons of public education (or private). There are so many options that it is good to list what your child needs and see how these different types of schooling may meet the individual needs.