Checklist for Starting Out

Here is a list of some things that you may want to get in order before you begin your homeschooling year. Whether you are new to homeschool or a seasoned pro you will want to be sure to be prepared for your school year.

Check with your state and find out what your homeschool state laws are. Make sure that you turn in your compulsory attendance form if needed.

Now make sure you have your homeschool curriculum or teaching method chosen and then buy or round up the appropriate supplies. Make sure you have everything you need right down to the glue sticks and pipe cleaners. Keep in mind the science projects and other subjects, not just paper and pencils.

Make a study area in your home. Prepare a well lit area with supplies organized and ready.

Talk to your children about what the upcoming year will bring. If you are new to homeschooling this is especially important. Consider what their educational history is and let them know of the changes, try to make it exciting for them as well. Change can be scary.

If you are new to homeschooling yourself keep your resolve and positive attitude. It can be very hard to stay consistent and organized. It is not always easy to have a schoolhouse within the framework of your home. Managing a home is full time job by itself and teaching is another full time job. To help with juggling these jobs enlist your children to help as much as possible around the house. Keep in mind that things that are as simple as laundry can be science. After all, there are chemical reactions in stain removal and the bleaching process. Cooking can be math and science all in one, just make sure you add fractions and possibly look up why your bread rises and how the yeast reacts with the water or how baking soda aids in the process of different recipes.

The possibilities of homeschool are without limits. Just keep your cool, try to stay organized and don’t be bothered by other people’s opinions. It will all work out in the end and the proof will be in your children.