Homeschool vs. Public School

With homeschooling on the rise many parents are debating about whether or not to send their children to public schools or to homeschool. Here is a little insight into the positives and negatives of each.

Homeschool – You, as a parent, have a lot of control if not all control over your child’s curriculum. You can let your child excel at the rate that they can without holding them back or you can help them with a subject that they may struggle with. You may opt not to do a formal curriculum and go with the “unschooling” alternative. Either way you get to instill your family values, become closer as a family, enrich your child’s life as you see fit and field some of the negative socialism from their lives.

Public school – School systems offer activities, supplies and opportunities that your child may not otherwise have depending on your circumstances at any given time. You know that there is an credentialed teacher who is trained to teach them so you do not have the pressure on you to oversee their education. If you have a family situation where both parents work outside of the home public school may be the only option that suits you unless you can afford to choose a private school.

The bottom line – both schooling options have an equal amount of benefits, they are just in different areas. They also have drawbacks just like all things. Parents need to weight these pros and cons of homeschooling and public schooling and then make an educated decision about what is right for their child. You are the best advocate for your child, give them the best of whatever world you choose or blend them and take all the good from both.