Choices in Education

In years past, the choices in education were few and really the only people who could exercise a choice in education had to have quite a bit of money to be able to afford those options. Our present is much more accommodating. There are educational options for every budget and every need possible!

Here we will briefly explore the many options that have come available.
  • Charter schools – Most charter schools are founded by parents, educators, community groups, or private foundations. These schools are basically deregulated public schools. They are publicly funded but in exchange for less regulations they take on a lot more school accountability than their counterparts.
  • Magnet schools – These schools focus in a specialized area. You may find schools that focus on technology, some on performing arts, some in science. These schools pull students from all over a district so the group is eclectic but they have common purpose.
  • Homeschool – The fastest growing education platform at this time, this has become an ever increasing choice for parents. In this situation parents do without the public school or private schools altogether and they take on the education of their children themselves.
  • Dual/Concurrent enrollment – This enables students to enroll in a post secondary school at the same time that they are enrolled in a secondary school. The credits can be given in a variety of ways. This is very flexible.
  • Open enrollment – Some districts allow parents to choose any school within their district to send their students to for school. This is a far cry from being assigned a school by your address.