Homeschool in Iowa

The Iowa City School Board in Iowa is looking at a policy that if put into place would require all students to attend at least two years of schooling at a district school in order to obtain a diploma. These two years would have to be full years and attended consecutively.

This came to light because the district noticed an influx in students moving into the district and enrolling for just one term at high schools so that they could get their diplomas. The superintendent wants it to be made known that if you want a diploma from there you have to attend school there.
Nationally in 2007 it was reported by the National Center for Education Statistics that there were 1.5 million homeschooled students. In Iowa City the numbers are growing and the numbers are fluid. Some educators have said that it can’t hurt to put such a policy into place because homeschoolers do not need a diploma from anywhere to attend most colleges. Most schools have their admission requirements right online for anyone to see and homeschool students can find out what is needed to apply.
The homeschooling program in Iowa helps to advise students about college admissions, as well as helping them to have access to district curriculum and even field trips. The bottom line was the most homeschooled students would be unaffected by such changes so they won’t make a difference.