Homeschool Math

Math can be both a difficult subject to teach and a difficult subject to learn. It is easy for children to get frustrated, especially when it comes to word problems or advanced concepts. Being prepared is the key to building successful math skills. If you are confident in your math teaching skills, then your child can build confidence in his/her ability to learn. Above all, it is important that you do not lose patience. Math is a very important part of homeschool curriculum and there are resources available to help.

Before attempting to homeschool your children, be sure to check on both your national and state curriculum requirements. Choosing effective materials and textbooks is important. However, a good teacher is sensitive to the child’s needs and does not just legalistically follow any book. Also, being enthusiastic about math will encourage your children to be excited about learning. Be sure to incorporate games and playful study tactics to aid in advancement. Explaining concepts, drawing pictures about math concepts, and using concrete aids such as flash cards and object lessons, are all useful tools when teaching math principles. Also, there are many useful and free aids that can be found online, including interactive games that allow a child to practice their math skills.

Some of the more popular math curriculum programs include Saxton Math, which is widely used for homeschool lessons, and Singapore Math which emphasizes problem solving skills and mental math. Saxton Math uses a step by step systematic approach to teaching, while Singapore Math is more mastery-based. When choosing a program it is important to remember that children have different learning styles. If one way of teaching method does not work, you can always try a different approach. However, it is important that your student practices math skills consistently to retain information and be able to build on previously learned concepts.