Homeschool Science Curriculum

Parents who homeschool their children often express anxiety about teaching science. They worry particularly about lab science and how their students will perform experiments and gain the same experience as traditional students without a school lab. Science is a broad subject that encompasses everything from plants, animals, and weather, to chemistry, Earth, space, and physics. There is a lot of curriculum to cover and finding the right textbooks and materials can be a difficult task. However, don’t let it intimidate you. There are plenty of effective and affordable resources available to ensure your child will gain the proper science education.

Before selecting materials or beginning any homeschool science program, be sure you are aware of your national and state curriculum requirements. When selecting your educational materials, it is important to remember that your text books should be systematic, like the subject itself. Ask yourself if the key concepts are built upon at each age level. Are their hands-on lab materials that allow your child to learn visually? Do the associated labs require any special or expensive lab materials that may not be included? Search for coursework by grade or age, read reviews, and check with your state for recommendations. There are also many online science curriculum programs that you can choose from.

When it comes to lab science, there are plenty of programs designed for in home use that call for household items or affordable materials. Virtual labs, video labs, and physical lab kits are available that are designed specifically for homeschool students. Also, you may be able to find local hands-on science experience within your community. Check with your local science and technology museums to see what they offer. In addition, it may be possible to get science instruction, technology projects, and exhibit opportunities through your state’s 4-H clubs. Do your research and don’t be afraid of science, it explains the world around us and allows plenty of learning opportunities that are fun.