Brain Research

There was a common belief years ago that when a baby was born, it’s brain was complete and developed. New brain research shows us that

Homeschool & Immunizations

Please note that we are not trying to tell anyone to immunize their children or not. We are simply passing along useful information that we

Homeschool Early Learning

Statistics show that early learning plays a huge role in the development of our children. Not only does it do wonders for the development of

Homeschool and Community Service

Homeschooling is a challenging task. It takes a lot of time, organization, effort, perseverance, patience and more. On top of the education aspect the parent

Teaching Babies to Read

In recent years there has been a growing trend in methods and in the methodology behind teaching a baby to read. Here we will review

Homeschool Mistakes

None of us are perfect, not even professional teachers, so naturally we all mistakes. When it comes to homeschooling no one is perfect and the

Homeschool Co-op Ideas

Homeschool co-ops can be a great blessing to all homeschoolers. Both students and parents benefit from homeschool co-ops. People join homeschool co-ops for a variety

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is a great holiday because you can use it in so many aspects of your homeschool curriculum. You can cover history and art all