Homeschool vs Private School

Many parents seek alternatives to the public education system. They want their children to have a competitive edge academically. Plus, some parents feel that an

U.S Homeschool vs UK Homeschool

Universally, there are people who choose to homeschool their children in efforts to provide them with a better education and learning environment. However, homeschooling in

Homeschool Foreign Language

If you are considering a foreign language as part of your child’s homeschooling experience, there are a few things that might assist you with this

Homeschool vs Charter School

When considering where to send your child for school, the one thing that is certain is that you want the best for them. Their academic

Game Classroom Review

Game Classroom was created with the homeschooler in mind. Game Classroom features a variety of math and language arts games for kids from kindergarten to

Homeschool Health and Nutrition

As with any Homeschool curriculum there are basic standards that you have to meet when teaching your children about health and nutrition. This might require

Homeschool Science Curriculum

Parents who homeschool their children often express anxiety about teaching science. They worry particularly about lab science and how their students will perform experiments and

Homeschool Math

Math can be both a difficult subject to teach and a difficult subject to learn. It is easy for children to get frustrated, especially when