Homeschool Physical Education

Physical education seems to be decreasing in public schools these days. If you are homeschooling your children, they probably have a lot more opportunity to

Waldorf Method of Education

Based on the Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, of the early 20th century. This education philosophy is based on anthroposophy which believes that a child’s development

Homeschool Holiday Celebrations

For those of you that homeschool you have probably heard from your kids something regarding doing holiday parties like their friends do at school. While

Homeschool Encouragement

As with all things that take self motivation it is crucial to have some encouragement to help you keep going. All homeschool families know that

New Hampshire Homeschool Laws

This week the Homeschool Legal Defense Association put out a report that gives hope to those homeschooling families in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is notorious

Repeating Homeschool Coursework

In a traditional school setting if a student does not complete or pass their grade’s coursework they are told they have to repeat the coursework

Learning Disabilities

For parents it can be a scary to encounter a learning disability if they are not provided enough education to make them feel like they

Choices in Education

In years past, the choices in education were few and really the only people who could exercise a choice in education had to have quite

Homeschool in Iowa

The Iowa City School Board in Iowa is looking at a policy that if put into place would require all students to attend at least